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Video Scene Change Detection LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG322)

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1.1 English

The Video Scene Change Detection IP is a configurable IP core that can read up to eight video streams in the memory mode, and one video stream in the stream mode. In the memory mode, input is read from the memory mapped AXI4 interface. In the stream mode, input is read from the AXI4-Stream interface and the output stream is same as the received input stream.

The Video Scene Change Detection IP supports resolutions ranging from 64 × 64 to 8,192 × 4,320 with up to three color components, each of 8, 10, 12, and 16 bits. The Video Scene Change Detection IP sends the interrupt signals after generating the SAD values for all the input streams of every frame. In case of the memory mode, the SAD values are sequentially calculated for each input stream one after the other and the interrupt is generated after the SAD calculation of final stream. On interrupt generation, the SAD values are read from the SAD registers for a configured number of streams, to compare them with a threshold value that you decide to determine if a scene change has occurred. In the memory mode, you can dynamically configure the buffer addresses from where the input video stream is read.