Step 3: Customize the Clocking Wizard - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Designing with IP (UG939)

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2022.1 English
Now, you create a customization for the Clocking Wizard IP.
  1. Follow the same processes you used for finding the FIFO Generator IP in the IP catalog to find and launch a Clocking Wizard IP customization.
  2. Change the Component Name to clk_core.
  3. In the Clocking Options tab, leave all the settings on the default, except for the Input Clock Information as shown in following figure.
    Primary Clock Input Frequency
    Differential clock capable pin

  4. In the Output Clocks tab, change the Port Name, as well as Output Freq Requested as follows:
    clk_rx, 200
    clk_tx, 166.66667

    You should end up with the configuration shown in the following figure.

  5. Click OK to bring up the Generate Output Product window.
  6. Click Generate, and then click OK.
  7. Vivado® creates and launches a design run for the Clocking Wizard IP as shown in the following figure.

  8. Verify the output products and directory created for the Clocking Wizard IP customization (clk_core) you just created, just as you did with the customized FIFO Generator IP.