Get the Required Simulation Files - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Designing with IP (UG939)

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2022.1 English
As an alternative to the export_simulation command, you can manually gather the required files to support third-party simulation.
Note: If there is a need to use the VIP (Verification IP) on IP, use the Tcl command: set_property CONFIG.<AXI interface> [get_ips <ip>] and additional simulation files will be generated. See Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing with IP (UG896) for more information.
  1. To get all files that an IP delivers for simulation, use the get_files Tcl command. In the Tcl Console, type the following command:
    get_files -compile_order sources -used_in simulation -of_objects [get_ips char_fifo]
    Lets you specify files that are marked for use in simulation, or marked for use in synthesis.
    Lets you extract files that are associated with the specified IP customization file.

    This produces a list of file names, including the full path, required to simulate the IP.

    In this case, the list includes:


    Each simulation file has a LIBRARY property that you can query. For VHDL files, the library associated with each file is required for simulation.

  2. To extract the LIBRARY property, type the following Tcl command:
    get_property LIBRARY [get_files char_fifo.v]

    This returns the xil_defaultlib library.

  3. Use the following Tcl script to print out each file used for simulation, including the path, and its associated library:
    # Get the list of files required for simulation
    set ip_files [get_files -compile_order sources -used_in simulation -of_objects 
    [get_ips <IP name>]]
    # For each of these files, get the library information
    foreach file $ip_files {
    puts "[get_property LIBRARY $file] $file"

    In the preceding script, replace <ip_name> with the name of the customized IP to extract files from. In this case, you would use char_fifo.