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Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Designing with IP (UG939)

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2022.1 English

In Scripting the Project Mode, you created a Tcl script to run the Vivado Design Suite in Project Mode. In this lab, you will create a Tcl script to run the Vivado tools in Non-Project Mode. Many of the commands used in this lab are the same commands used in Lab 3. The main difference between Project Mode and Non-Project Mode is that there is no project file or directory structure created on disk. Instead, Vivado Design Suite manages the design directly in an in-memory database.

In Non-Project Mode, you do not have a project file to add source file references to, or a project directory to manage source files. In Non-Project Mode, you read source files into the Vivado Design Suite to create the in-memory design. In addition, there is no design runs infrastructure to store run strategies and results. Instead, you directly call the various commands to run the different stages of synthesis and implementation. Unlike Project Mode, you must manually write out design checkpoints, netlists, and reports. These items are not created automatically for you in Non-Project Mode. For more information on Project Mode and Non-Project Mode, refer to the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Flows Overview (UG892).

When working with IP in Non-Project Mode you must manually generate output products, including synthesis Design Checkpoints if desired.

When copying Tcl commands and script examples from this Tutorial document and pasting them into the Vivado Design Suite Tcl shell, or Tcl Console, the dash “-“ character can sometimes be converted to an em-dash “–“ which results in errors when the commands are run.