MLD Parameter Description Section - 2022.1 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2022.1 English

This section gives a detailed description of the constructs used in the MLD file.


[ ] Denotes optional values.

< > Value substituted by the MLD writer.


Comments can be specified anywhere in the file. A “#” character denotes the beginning of a comment and all characters after the “#” right up to the end of the line are ignored. All white spaces are also ignored and semi-colons with carriage returns act as sentence delimiters.

OS or Library Definition

The OS or library section includes the OS or library name, options, dependencies, and other global parameters, using the following syntax:

option psf_version = <psf version number> BEGIN LIBRARY/OS <library/os
name> [option drc = <global drc name>] [option depends = <list of
directories>] [option help = <help file>] [option requires_interface =
<list of interface names>] PARAM <parameter description> [BEGIN CATEGORY
<name of category> <category description> END CATEGORY] BEGIN INTERFACE
<interface name> ....... END INTERFACE] END LIBRARY/OS