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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2022.1 English

Create a new domain


domain create [options]

Create a new domain in active platform.


Option Description
-name <domain-name> Name of the domain.
-display-name <display_name> The name to be displayed in the report for the domain.
-desc <description> Brief description about the domain.
-proc <processor> Processor core to be used for creating the domain. For SMP Linux, this can be a Tcl list of processor cores.
-arch <processor architecture> 32-bit or 64-bit, this is valid only for a53 processor.
-os <os> OS type. Default type is standalone.
-support-app <app-name> Create a domain with BSP settings needed for application specified by <app-name>. This option is valid only for standalone domains. "repo -apps" command can be used to list the available application.
-auto-generate-linux Generate the Linux artifacts automatically.
-sd-dir <location> For domain with Linux as OS, use pre-built Linux images from this directory, while creating the PetaLinux project. This option is valid only for Linux domains.
-sysroot <sysroot-dir> The linux sysroot directory that should be added to the platform. This sysroot will be consumed during application build.


Empty string, if the domain is created successfully. Error string, if the domain cannot be created.


domain create -name "ZUdomain" -os standalone -proc psu_cortexa53_0 -support-app {Hello World}

Create a standalone domain and configure settings needed for "Hello World" template application.

domain create -name "SMPLinux" -os linux -proc {ps7_cortexa9_0 ps7_cortexa9_1}

Create a Linux domain named SMPLinux for processor cores ps7_cortexa9_0 ps7_cortexa9_1 in the active platform.

domain create -name a53_0_Standalone -os standalone -proc psu_cortexa53_0 -arch 32-bit

Create a standalone domain for a53_0 processor for 32-bit mode.