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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2022.1 English

Create a library project


library create -name <project-name> -type <library-type> -platform <platform>

-domain <domain> -sysproj <system-project> Create a library project using an existing platform, and domain. If <platform>, <domain>, and <sys-config> are not specified, then active platform and domain are used for Creating library project. For creating library project and adding them to existing system project, refer to next use case.

library create -name <project-name> -type <library-type> -sysproj <system-project>

-domain <domain> Create a library project for domain specified by <domain> and add it to system project specified by <system-project>. If <system-project> exists, platform corresponding to this system project are used for creating the library project. If <domain> is not specified, then active domain is used.


Option Description
-name <project-name> Project name that should be created.
-type <library-type> <library-type> can be 'static' or 'shared'
-platform <platform-name> Name of the platform. Use "repo -platforms" to list available pre-defined platforms.
-domain <domain-name> Name of the domain. Use "platform report <platform-name>" to list the available domains in a platform.
-sysproj <system-project> Name of the system project. Use "sysproj list" to know the available system projects in the workspace.


Nothing, if the library project is created successfully. Error string, if the library project creation fails.


library create -name lib1 -type static -platform zcu102 -domain a53_standalone

Create a static library project with name 'lib1', for the platform zcu102, which has a domain named a53_standalone domain.

library create -name lib2 -type shared -sysproj test_system -domain test_domain

Create shared library project with name 'lib2' and add it to system project test_system.