Customizing Launch Configurations - 2022.1 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Embedded Software Development (UG1400)

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2022.1 English

The Launch Configurations preferences page allows you set filtering options that are used throughout the workbench to limit the exposure of certain kinds of launch configurations. These filtering setting affect the launch dialog, launch histories, and the workbench.

Table 1. Launch Configuration Options
Option Description Default
Filter configurations in closed projects Filter out configurations that are associated with a project that is currently closed On
Filter configurations in deleted or missing projects Filter out configurations that are associated with a project that has been deleted or are simply no longer available On
Apply windows working set Applies the filtering from any working sets currently active to the visibility of configurations associated with resources in the active working sets. That is to say, if project P has two configurations associated with it, but is not in the currently active working set, the configurations do not appear in the UI, much like P does not. On
Filter checked launch configuration types Filter all configurations of the selected type regardless of the other filtering options. The checked options are not displayed in the Run/Debug Configurations page.
Note: To avoid confusion, only configurations that are supported by the Vitis software platform are available by default.
Delete configurations when associated project is deleted Any launch configurations associated with a project being deleted are also deleted if this option is enabled. After they have been deleted, the configurations are not recoverable. On
Migrate As new features are added to the launching framework, there sometimes exists the need to make changes to launch configurations. Some of these changes are made automatically, but those that are not (nonreversible ones) are left up to the end user. The migration section allows you to self-migrate any launch configurations that require it. Upon pressing the Migrate... button, if there are any configurations requiring migration, they are presented to you, and you can select the ones that you want to migrate.