Upgrading the Installed Tool with More Platforms - 2020.2 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2020.2 English

Initially you installed PetaLinux tool with only the arm platform as specified in the Installing the PetaLinux Tool. To install the aarch64 platform, follow these steps.

For the following use case, if you want to upgrade with 2020.1 platforms use http://petalinux.xilinx.com/sswreleases/rel-v2020/sdkupdate.

If you want to upgrade the preferred platform with 2020.2, then use http://petalinux.xilinx.com/sswreleases/rel-v2020/sdkupdate/2020.2/.

  1. Go to the installed tool.
  2. Source settings.sh file.
  3. Run: petalinux-upgrade -u http://petalinux.xilinx.com/sswreleases/rel-v2020/sdkupdate/ -p aarch64

The new platform is part of your <plnx-tool>/components/yocto/source/aarch64.

Use Cases

  • To get the Zynq platform only:
    $ petalinux-upgrade -u/-f <path/url> --platform "arm"
  • $ petalinux-upgrade -u/-f <path/url> --platform "arm aarch64"
  • To get the MicroBlaze platforms:
    $ petalinux-upgrade -u/-f <path/url> --platform "microblaze_lite microblaze_full"