Copying Image Files - 2020.2 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2020.2 English

This section explains how to copy image files to SD card partitions. Assuming the two partitions get mounted at /media/BOOT and /media/rootfs.

  1. Change to root directory of your PetaLinux project.
    $ cd <plnx-proj-root>
  2. Copy BOOT.BIN and image.ub to BOOT partition of SD card. The image.ub file has device tree and kernel image files.
    $ cp images/linux/BOOT.BIN /media/BOOT/
    $ cp images/linux/image.ub /media/BOOT/
    $ cp images/linux/boot.scr /media/BOOT/
  3. Copy rootfs.tar.gz file to the root file system partition of the SD card and extract the file system.
    $ sudo tar xvf rootfs.tar.gz -C /media/rootfs

In order to boot this SD card ext image, see Boot a PetaLinux Image on Hardware with an SD Card.