petalinux-package --boot Command Options - 2020.2 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2020.2 English

The following table details the options that are valid when creating a bootable image with the petalinux-package --boot command:

Table 1. petalinux-package --boot Command Options
Option Functional Description Value Range Default Value
--format FORMAT Image file format to generate. This is optional.
  • BIN
  • MCS
--fsbl FSBL Path on disk to FSBL elf binary. This is required. To skip loading FSBL, use --fsbl no or --fsbl none. This is optional. User-specified
  • zynqmp_fsbl.elf for Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC
  • zynq_fsbl.elf for Zynq-7000 device
  • fs-boot.elf for MicroBlaze™ processor

The default image is in <plnx-proj-root>/images/linux.

--force Overwrite existing files on disk. This is optional. None None
--fpga BITSTREAM 1 Path on disk to bitstream file. This is optional. User-specified <plnx-proj-root>/images/linux/system.bit
--atf ATF-IMG Path on disk to Arm® trusted firmware elf binary. This is optional. To skip loading ATF, use --atf no or --atf none User-specified <plnx-proj-root>/images/linux/bl31.elf
--u-boot UBOOT-IMG Path on disk to U-Boot binary. This is optional. User-specified
  • u-boot.elf for Zynq device
  • u-boot-s.bin for MicroBlaze CPUs

The default image is in <plnx-proj-root>/images/linux

--kernel KERNEL-IMG Path on disk to Linux kernel image. This is optional. User-specified <plnx-proj-root>/images/linux/image.ub
--pmufw PMUFW-ELF Optional and applicable only for Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC. By default, prebuilt PMU firmware image is packed. Use this option to either specify a path for PMU firmware image or to skip packing of PMU firmware. To skip packing PMU firmware, use --pmufw no. User-specified <plnx-proj-root>/images/linux/pmufw.elf
--add DATAFILE Path on disk to arbitrary data to include. This is optional. User-specified None
--offset OFFSET Offset at which to load the prior data file. Only the .elf files are parsed. This is optional. User-specified None
--load <LOADADDR> Load address for specified data file. The RAM address where to load the specified data file.

Example: [ partition_type=raw, load=0x01000 ] <image>

User-specified None
--mmi MMIFILE Bitstream MMI file, valid for MicroBlaze CPUs only. It will be used to generate the download.bit with boot loader in the block RAM. Default will be the MMI file in the same directory as the FPGA bitstream. This is optional User-specified MMI in directory with FPGA bitstream
--flash-size SIZE Flash size in MB. Must be a power-of-2. Valid for MicroBlaze processor only. Not needed for parallel flash types. Ensure you just pass digit value to this option. Do not include MB in the value. This is optional. User-specified Auto-detect from system configuration. If it is not specified, the default value is 16.
--flash-intf INTERFACE Valid for MicroBlaze processor only. This is optional.
  • SERIALx1
  • SPIx1
  • SPIx2
  • SPIx4
  • BPIx8
  • BPIx16
  • SMAPx8
  • SMAPx16
  • SMAPx32
-o, --output OUTPUTFILE Path on disk to write output image. This is optional. User-specified None
--cpu DESTINATION CPU Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC only. The destination CPU of the previous data file. This is optional.
  • a53-0
  • a53-1
  • a53-2
  • a53-3
--file-attribute DATA File ATTR


petalinux-package --boot --u-boot --kernel images/linux/Image --offset 0x01e40000 --file-attribute partition_owner=uboot --add images/linux/system.dtb --offset 0x3AD1200 --file-attribute partition_owner=uboot --fpga
User-specified None
--bif-attribute ATTRIBUTE


petalinux-package --boot --bif-attribute fsbl_config --bif-attribute-value a53_x64 --u-boot
User-specified None
--bif-attribute-value VALUE


petalinux-package --boot --bif-attribute fsbl_config --bif-attribute-value a53_x64 --u-boot
User-specified None
--fsblconfig BIF_FSBL_CONFIG Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC only. BIF FSBL config value.


petalinux-package --boot --fsblconfig a53_x64 --u-boot
User-specified None
--bif BIF FILE For Zynq-7000 devices and Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, it overrides the following settings:
  • –fsbl
  • –fpga
  • –u-boot
  • –add
  • –fsblconfig
  • –file-attribute
  • –bif-attribute
  • –bif-attribute-value

This is optional.

User-specified None
--boot-device BOOT-DEV
  • sd
  • flash
Default value is the one selected from the system select menu of boot image settings.



User-specified None
  1. When the FPGA Manager petalinux-config option is enabled, the --fpga option cannot be used. Bitstream will not be included in the BOOT.BIN.