Boot Prebuilt Linux as dom0 - 2020.2 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2020.2 English
  1. Copy prebuilt Xen images to your TFTP directory so that you can load them from U-Boot with TFTP.
    $ cd <plnx-proj-root>
    $ cp pre-built/linux/xen/xen.dtb <tftpboot>/
    $ cp pre-built/linux/xen/xen-openamp.dtb <tftpboot>/
    $ cp pre-built/linux/xen/xen-qemu.dtb <tftpboot>/
    $ cp pre-built/linux/xen/xen-Image <tftpboot>/
    $ cp pre-built/linux/xen/xen-rootfs.cpio.gz <tftpboot>/
    $ cp pre-built/linux/xen/xen_boot_tftp.scr <tftpboot>/
    $ cp pre-built/linux/xen/xen_boot_sd.scr  <tftpboot>/
    $ cp pre-built/linux/xen/xen  <tftpboot>/
  2. Boot prebuilt U-Boot image on the board with either JTAG boot or boot from SD card.
  3. Setup TFTP server IP from U-Boot:
    platform> setenv serverip <TFTP SERVERIP>
  4. Load Xen images from U-Boot.

    TFTP BOOT: xen_boot_tftp.scr, to be loaded at address 0xC00000:

    tftpb 0xC00000 xen_boot_tftp.scr; source 0xC00000

    SD BOOT: xen_boot_sd.scr, to be loaded at address 0xC00000:

    load scsi 0:1 0xC00000 xen_boot_sd.scr; source 0xC00000