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PetaLinux Tools Documentation Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2020.2 English
The following table shows the revision history for this document.
Section Revision Summary
11/24/2020 Version 2020.2
Updated to include Versalâ„¢ ACAP N/A
PetaLinux Commands PetaLinux Tools Documentation: PetaLinux Command Line Reference (UG1157) is now a part of this document.
Technical FAQs Added new section: Generating Image for Flash/QSPI Boot in MicroBlaze Devices.
Advanced Configurations Updated U-Boot Configuration and Image Packaging Configuration.
Yocto Features Updated Creating and Adding Patches For Software Components within a PetaLinux Project section.
Migration Added Deprecating microblaze_lite Designs and U-Boot Environment Changes sections.
Auto-mounting an SD card Added a new appendix.
petalinux-create Command Line Options Added a new option: tmdir.
petalinux-devtool Added a new section.
07/24/2020 Version 2020.1
Partitioning and Formatting an SD Card Added a new appendix.
06/03/2020 Version 2020.1
Setting Up Your Environment Added the Installing a Preferred eSDK as part of the PetaLinux Tool section.
Configuring and Building Added the petalinux-devtool Command Line Options section.
Upgrading the Workspace Added new sections: petalinux-upgrade Options, Upgrading Between Minor Releases (2020.1 Tool with 2020.2 Tool), Upgrading the Installed Tool with More Platforms, and Upgrading the Installed Tool with your Customized Platform.
Customizing the Project Added new sections: petalinux-package --wic and Configuring SD Card ext File System Boot.
Customizing the Root File System Added the Appending Root File System Packages section.
Advanced Configurations Updated PetaLinux Menuconfig System.
Yocto Features Added the Adding Extra Users to the PetaLinux System section.
Migration Updated section.