Primary Flash Partition Configuration - 2020.2 English

PetaLinux Tools Documentation Reference Guide (UG1144)

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2020.2 English

This sections provides details on how to configure flash partition with PetaLinux menuconfig.

  1. Change into the root directory of your PetaLinux project.
    $ cd <plnx-proj-root>
  2. Launch the top level system configuration menu.
    $ petalinux-config
  3. Select Subsystem AUTO Hardware Settings > Flash Settings.
  4. Select a flash device as the Primary Flash.
  5. Set the name and the size of each partition.

The PetaLinux tools uses the start address for parallel flash or start offset for SPI flash and the size of the above partitions to generate the following U-Boot commands:

  • update_boot if the boot image, which is a U-Boot image for MicroBlaze™ processors and a BOOT.BIN image for Zynq®-7000 devices, is selected to be stored in the primary flash.
  • update_kernel and load_kernel if the kernel image, which is the FIT image image.ub, is selected to be stored in the flash.