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Dynamic Function eXchange Decoupler LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG375)

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1.0 English

The DFX Decoupler core provides several ways to get the status of the decoupling:

decouple_status signal
The decouple_status signal output from the DFX Decoupler core is not registered, so it gives the immediate status of the decoupling. This can be used to control other DFX Decoupler cores.
The AXI4-Lite interface provides access to a register that holds the decoupling status.
AXI4-Stream interface
The interface provides access to the real-time value of the decoupling status.

These can be enabled in any combination. You can have no status interfaces enabled. The following figure shows a DFX Decoupler core with all of the control and status interfaces enabled.

Figure 1. DFX Decoupler Core With All Control and Status Options Enabled

Additionally, each interface with Clock Domain Crossing enabled automatically gets an output status signal called <interface name>_decouple_status. This shows the value of the decoupling status in the interface's clock domain.