Multiple DFX Decoupler Cores per Reconfigurable Partition - 1.0 English

Dynamic Function eXchange Decoupler LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG375)

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1.0 English

There is no need to have only one DFX Decoupler instance per Reconfigurable Partition. It might be easier to use multiple decouplers. For example, it might be desirable to have:

  1. One decoupler per interface (see the following figure).
  2. One decoupler for all master interfaces, and one for all slave interfaces.
  3. One decoupler of each interface type, regardless of interface mode (see Figure 2).
Figure 1. One DFX Decoupler Core Per Interface
Figure 2. One DFX Decoupler Core Per Interface Type

Other use cases are possible as well. The exact use case you use might be influenced by such things as:

  • A desire to reduce the number of IP instances in a design.
  • The ease of layout in the Vivado IP integrator.
  • The ease of declaration and connection in HDL-based designs.
  • The speed and ease of configuring many small decoupler instances, versus one large decoupler.
  • Whether phased decoupling is required (see Phased Decoupling).

When multiple decouplers are used per Reconfigurable Partition, one can be designated as a master and the rest as slaves. The master decoupler is controlled by you, and the slaves are controlled by the decouple_status output of the master decoupler or of other slaves.

Figure 1 shows the bottom decoupler as the master decoupler, and in this case each slave decoupler is controlled by the decoupler next to it. The master decoupler can use any control interface type that is appropriate to the design. The previous figure shows an AXI4-Lite interface being used.