TMR Fail Safe - 1.0 English

MicroBlaze Triple Modular Redundancy (TMR) Subsystem (PG268)

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1.0 English

After the first failure in a TMR MicroBlaze sub-block, the two remaining healthy sub-blocks operate in lockstep mode, and their outputs need to be compared to detect any difference. The healthy sub-blocks are compared cycle by cycle and if a mismatch occurs, the TMR MicroBlaze subsystem is stopped and the fatal error signal is set to one.


Figure 2-4: TMR MicroBlaze Fail Safe Subsystem

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While in lockstep mode the TMR voters ensure that the outputs from the faulty sub-block are masked by the healthy ones.

To ensure the integrity of the comparison the TMR comparators are also triplicated in the sub-blocks. This means that there is one voter and three comparators for every external interface. An error in the voter itself is considered a fatal error and needs to be detected. This is done by letting the triplicated comparators also check the voted output.