Unsupported Features - 1.0 English

PCI Express PHY LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG239)

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1.0 English

The following features are not supported in the core:

  • Lane 0 (master) must not be powered down or de-activated.
  • Per-lane power down is not supported.
  • P0s low power state is not supported when the max speed is configured as Gen3 or Gen4.
  • P2 low power state is not supported.
  • Bypassing the RX elastic buffer is not supported.
  • Gen3 and Gen4 equalization settings are not preserved after the rate change.
  • PCIe PHY does not check or monitor for PIPE protocol errors.
  • PCIe beacon transmit and receive is not supported.
  • The UltraScale+ Gen4 configuration does not support RX Lane Margining.