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PCI Express PHY LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG239)

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1.0 English

Following is the example design operation:

  • The example design expects the system reset to be received from the link partner.
  • You have an additional option to override the system reset using sys_rst_override provided in the example design. This can be connected to any I/O on the board, such as a switch pin.
  • The TX and RX electrical idle is High at this point.
  • The design waits for the reset sequence to finish. For more information on the reset sequence, see Resets.
  • The transceiver provides the phystatus_rst which indicates that the PHY is ready. Make sure the PCIe MAC is connected to this output from the PHY.
  • The design now waits for phystatus on all lanes.
  • Based on your selection of phyrate (either Gen1, Gen2, Gen3 or Gen4), the design changes to the desired speed.