ASPM Assist Signal Interface Ports - 1.0 English

PCI Express PHY LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG239)

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1.0 English
Table 1. ASPM Assist Signal
Name Width I/O Clock Domain Description
as_mac_in_L0 1 Input pclk Tells the PHY when MAC is in L0 state.
  • Set to 1 when ltssm state is L0.
  • Set to 0 when in other states.

This input is valid only when ASPM Optionality is selected as L0s_supported in UltraScale+™ devices

cfg_rx_pm_state 2 Input pclk Current RX Active State Power Management L0s State. Encoding is listed below and valid when ltssm_state is indicating L0:
  • RX_NOT_IN_L0s =0,
  • RX_L0s_ENTRY =1,
  • RX_L0s_IDLE =2,
  • RX_L0s_FTS =3
This input is only valid when ASPM Optionality is selected as L0s_supported in UltraScale+ devices.
  1. The states and substates mentioned in this table are indicative. Your configured MAC implementation might not have the same substates as indicated. Generate the above mentioned assist signals as per states implemented in your configured MAC.