Block Automation - 2022.1 English

MicroBlaze Processor Embedded Design User Guide (UG1579)

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2022.1 English

The Block Automation feature is available when you instantiate a microprocessor in the block design of the IP integrator tool.

Note: The block design must specify a part or board that uses a specific processor to make that processor accessible through the IP catalog.
  1. Click Run Block Automation to get assistance with putting together a simple MicroBlaze System.

    The Run Block Automation dialog box lets you provide input about basic features that the microprocessor system requires. The following figure shows the Block Automation dialog box.

    The MicroBlaze Preset option provides a convenient way of configuring the processor settings according to the particular use case: microcontroller, real-time, or application. If necessary, further configuration can be done in the MicroBlaze Configuration wizard.

  2. Select the required options and click OK.

    The Run Block Automation creates the following MicroBlaze system.