Step 8: Implement the Second Configuration

Isolation Design Flow + Dynamic Function eXchange Example Application Note (XAPP1361)

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Child_0_impl_1 is the run for the second configuration (Config2). You should use a pre-opt Tcl Hook script for floorplanning the second configuration. Run the following commands to floorplan and implement the second configuration. Before proceeding with the implementation of the second configuration, ensure that the RMs of the second configuration has HD.ISOLATED property enabled.

  1. Add the child_0_pre_opt_tcl.tcl script to the project by running the following command from the Tcl console:
    add_files -fileset utils_1 -norecurse ./sources/child_0_pre_opt_tcl.tcl

    This file has commands to load XDC constraints, which creates RM Pblocks for the second configuration.

  2. Add the child_0_pre_opt_tcl.tcl script as pre-opt Tcl Hook script for the run child_0_impl_1 by running the following command from the Tcl console:
    set_property STEPS.OPT_DESIGN.TCL.PRE [ get_files child_0_pre_opt_tcl.tcl -of [get_fileset utils_1] ] [get_runs child_0_impl_1]
  3. Launch the implementation of the second configuration. Right-click child_0_impl_1 from the Design Runs tab, and then select Launch Step To > route_design.

  4. After the child implementation is complete, click Open Implemented Design, select child_0_impl_1 from the drop-down menu, and click OK to open the implemented design of Config2.

  5. Run the VIV DRCs for implementation. Open the Report DRC window and select IDF_VIV2-5 and select IDF_VIV2-6 from the Isolation group. Click OK to run these DRCs.
    Note: There are no warnings or errors from the DRC report.
  6. Close the implemented design.
  7. Inspect the files in the child_0_impl_1 directory under the Project Runs directory. You can see mb_dfx_controller_wrapper_routed.dcp, which is a full design dcp for the Config2 and RM dcps as follows:
    mb_dfx_controller_i_rp1_rp1rm2_inst_0_routed.dcp, mb_dfx_controller_i_rp2_rp2rm2_inst_0_routed.dcp