Step 4: Enabling IDF+DFX DRCs

Isolation Design Flow + Dynamic Function eXchange Example Application Note (XAPP1361)

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Prior to AMD Vivado™ 2021.1 IDF+DFX DRCs are disabled by default.
To enable the IDF DRCs, run the following command from the Tcl console:
set_param hd.enableIDFDRC 1

This parameter information is not stored in the database and must be re-enabled for every Vivado session. The parameter is most easily set in vivado_init.tcl which automatically sets the parameter for each of the Vivado sessions. From Vivado 2021.1 onwards, to enable the IDF DRCs there is no need to set hd.enableIDFDRC param. IDF DRCs are enabled automatically by the tool when the tool detects that HD.ISOLATED property is set to true.