Step 7: Implement the First Configuration

Isolation Design Flow + Dynamic Function eXchange Example Application Note (XAPP1361)

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  1. Launch the implementation of the first configuration. Right-click impl_1 from the Design Runs tab, and then click Launch Step To > route_design.

  2. Click Open Implemented Design after implementation is complete. You can close the Synthesized design.
  3. Run the VIV DRCs for implementation. Open the Report DRC window and select IDF_VIV2-5 and IDF_VIV2-6 from the Isolation group. Click OK to run these DRCs.

    You can see there are no warnings or errors in the DRC report. Advisories are reported as Violations in the report summary of the DRCs. This is common to all the DRCs and has nothing to do with the VIV DRCs. This is an issue with the way the error counts are reported and print the advisories without incrementing the error count.

  4. Inspect the files in the impl_1 directory under the Project Runs directory. You will see mb_dfx_controller_wrapper_routed_bb.dcp, which is a blackbox dcp, and RM dcps mb_dfx_controller_i_rp1_rp1rm1_inst_0_routed.dcp and mb_dfx_controller_i_rp2_rp2rm1_inst_0_routed.dcp.
  5. Close the implemented design. You can now proceed to the second configuration.