Step 3: Enabling IDF

Isolation Design Flow + Dynamic Function eXchange Example Application Note (XAPP1361)

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  1. After synthesis completion, open Synthesized Design. As shown in the following figure, set HD.ISOLATED to true for static_iso_wrapper, rp1/iso_2, and rp2/iso_3. Save the constraints by naming the file top.

    This enables IDF for the iso wrapper module in the static region and the two modules in the Config1 RMs.

  2. To enable IDF in Config2 RM submodules, you must enable HD.ISOLATED on the synthesis DCPs of the Config2 RMs, and save them. IDF related optimizations take place in link_design. Therefore, the HD.ISOLATED property must be enabled for RM submodules before link design for subsequent configurations. To enable HD.ISOLATED on the Config2 RMs, perform the following or this can easily be completed using a post-synth Tcl Hook script, as mentioned in the Enable HD.ISOLATED on Config2 RMs using Post-Synth Tcl Hook Script section.
    1. Select File > Check Point > Open, then open shift_left synth dcp by selecting:
      When asked to close the project, choose No, then click OK and ignore the critical warning. Set HD.ISOLATED to true for iso_2. Save and close the dcp.

    2. Open RP2RM2 synth dcp from:
      Set HD.ISOLATED to True for iso_3. Save and close the dcp.