S_AXIS_STS_SB_RX Interface Ports - 2.1 English

UHD-SDI GT LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG380)

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2.1 English

The following table describes S_AXIS_STS_SB_RX interface ports:

Table 1. S_AXIS_STS_SB_RX Interface Ports
Signal I/O Description
intf0_ctrl_sb_rx_tdata I

Sideband signal information from transceiver block

bit 0: rx_change_done—Indicates that SDI line rate is successful

bit 2: gtrxresetdone

bit 3: rx_m

bit 8: rx_fabric_rst—SMPTE UHD-SDI RX IP is reset when this bit set to 1. All other bits are not used.

intf0_ctrl_sb_rx_tvalid I Data valid
intf0_ctrl_sb_rx_tready O Core ready