Migrating from BFM to VIP - 1.1 English

AXI Verification IP LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG267)

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1.1 English
This appendix contains information about migrating an AMD Vivado™ design with AXI BFM to AXI VIP.
  1. In Vivado IP integrator BD design, replace BFM with AXI VIP and configure the AXI VIP. If the old BFM is AXI4 in slave mode, for example, set up the AXI VIP protocol to AXI4 and the interface mode to slave.
  2. In the test bench, remove all BFM related tasks and add the following codes:
    • Import two packages, see Test Bench on how to obtain <component_name>_pkg:
      import <component_name>_pkg::*
      import axi_vip_pkg::*;
    • Declare agent, see Test Bench for requirements.

      Because it is for migration purpose, no pass-through agent is declared since BFM did not support pass-through mode.

    • Construct the agent.
      • For example, AXI VIP in master mode:
        mst_agent = new("master vip agent",<hierarchy path to AXI VIP instance> inst.IF);

        See Design Flow Steps to find the hierarchy path.

    • Start agent:
      • If AXI VIP is in master mode:
    • Replace the existing BFM WRITE/READ_BURST with the VIP WRITE/READ_BURST.
      • If AXI VIP is AXI4:
      • If AXI VIP is AXI3:
      • If AXI VIP is AXI4LITE: