Finding the AXI VIP Hierarchy Path in IP Integrator - 1.1 English

AXI Verification IP LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG267)

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1.1 English
As mentioned earlier, the user environment has to declare the agent for the AXI VIP. Also, the AXI VIP interface has to be passed to the agent when the user environment constructs it to set it as a virtual interface. The following guidelines describe how to find the hierarchy path of the AXI VIP in the IP integrator.
  1. Create a bd design and add the VIP like other IPs into the design.
  2. After connection and validation checks for the IP integrator design, click the Simulation Settings, set up the tool, and then click Run Simulation. The following figure shows the AMD Vivado™ Simulator results. After the hierarchy is identified, it is used in the SystemVerilog test bench to drive the AXI VIP APIs.

After the AXI VIP is instantiated in the IP integrator design and its hierarchy path is found, the next step is using the AXI VIP in the test bench. See Example Design.