Arithmetic Logic Unit and Scalar Functions

Versal Adaptive SoC AIE-ML Architecture Manual (AM020)

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1.3 English

The arithmetic logic unit (ALU) in the AIE-ML manages the following operations. In all cases the issue rate is one instruction per cycle.

  • Integer addition and subtraction: 32 bits. The operation has a one cycle latency.
  • Bit-wise logical operation on 32-bit integer numbers (BAND, BOR, BXOR). The operation has a one cycle latency.
  • Integer multiplication: 32 x 32 bit with output result of 32 bits stored in the R register file. The operation has a two cycle latency.
  • Shift operation: Both left and right shift are supported. A positive shift amount is used for left shift and a negative shift amount is used for right shift. The shift amount is passed through a general purpose register. A one bit operand to the shift operation indicates whether a positive or negative shift is required. The operation has a one-cycle latency.

There is no floating point unit in the scalar unit. The floating point operations are supported through emulation. In general, it is preferred to perform add and multiply in the vector unit.