AIE-ML Tile to AIE-ML Tile Data Communication via AXI4-Stream Interconnect

Versal Adaptive SoC AIE-ML Architecture Manual (AM020)

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AIE-MLs can directly communicate through the AXI4-Stream interconnect without any DMA and memory interaction. As shown in the following figure, data can be sent from one AIE-ML to another through the streaming interface in a serial fashion, or the same information can be sent to an arbitrary number of AIE-ML tiles using a multicast communication approach. The streams can go in north/south and east/west directions. In all the streaming cases there are built-in hand-shake and backpressure mechanisms.

Note: In a multicast communication approach, if one of the receivers is not ready, the whole broadcast stops until all receivers are ready again.
Figure 1. AIE-ML to AIE-ML Data Communication via AXI4-Stream Interconnect

Figure 2. Packet-Switched Split 1:N
Figure 3. Packet-Switched Merge N:1