AIE-ML Tile Program Memory

Versal Adaptive SoC AIE-ML Architecture Manual (AM020)

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The AIE-ML has a local 16 KB of program memory that can be used to store VLIW instructions. There are two interfaces to the program memory:

  • Memory-mapped AXI4 interface
  • AIE-ML interface

An external master can read or write to the program memory using the memory-mapped AXI4 interface. The AIE-ML has 128-bit wide interfaces to the program memory to fetch instructions. The AIE-ML can read from, but not write to, the program memory. To access the program memory simultaneously from the memory-mapped AXI4 and AIE-ML, divide the memory into multiple banks and access mutually exclusive parts of the program memory. Arbitration logic is needed to avoid conflicts between accesses and to assign priority when accesses are to the same bank.