AIE-ML Tile Architecture

Versal Adaptive SoC AIE-ML Architecture Manual (AM020)

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The AIE-ML tile architecture leverages the functionality and performance requirements from the AI Engine tile architecture. The following provides an overview of the changes made to the AIE-ML tile architecture:

  • AIE-ML (see AIE-ML Processor for more information)
  • Data memory:
    • Data memory is increased from 32 KB to 64 KB organized as eight banks of 8 KB from a hardware perspective. From a programmer's perspective, every two banks are interleaved to form one bank, that is, a total of four banks of 16 KB. The AIE-ML tile has access to the four nearest memory modules in the cardinal directions: north, south, east (local data memory in the tile itself) and west.
    • Added memory zero-init
  • DMA:
    • Features an improved address generation to support 3D addressing modes and iteration-state offset
    • Adds task queues and task-complete-tokens (see Task-Completion-Tokens for more information)
    • Supports S2MM Finish on TLAST and out-of-order packets
    • Added decompression to two S2MM channels
    • Added compression to two MM2S channels
    • Memory-mapped AXI4 interface: improved read and write bandwidth
  • Lock module: 16 semaphore locks and each lock state is 6-bit unsigned versus 16 locks with binary data value in the AI Engine.