AIE-ML to AIE-ML Data Communication via Local Memory

Versal Adaptive SoC AIE-ML Architecture Manual (AM020)

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In the case where multiple kernels fit in a single AIE-ML, communications between two consecutive kernels can be established using a common buffer in the shared memory. For cases where the kernels are in separate but neighboring AIE-ML, the communication is through the shared memory module. The processing of data movement can be through a simple pipeline or multiple parallel pipe stages (see the following figure). Communication between the two AIE-MLs can use ping and pong buffers (not shown in the figure) on separate memory banks to avoid access conflicts. The synchronization is done through locks. DMA and AXI4-Stream interconnect are not needed for this type of communication.

The following figures show examples of the data communication between the AIE-ML tiles. They are a logical representation of the AIE-ML tiles and shared memory modules.

Figure 1. Example of AIE-ML to AIE-ML Data Communication via Shared Memory