Creating the AI Engine Graph Project and Top-Level System Project - 2020.2 English

Versal ACAP AI Engine Programming Environment User Guide (UG1076)

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2020.2 English
The Vitis integrated development environment (IDE) is available for building, running, and debugging AI Engine programs. The training material on the Vitis IDE contains a detailed explanation and walk-through of various features. This section provides a few screen shots corresponding to the command-line steps previously described.
  1. Start the Vitis IDE by entering vitis from the command line. When starting for the first time, you must specify a workspace directory to store your projects. You can also specify the workspace when launching the tool:
    vitis -workspace ./myWorkspace
  2. Create a new AI Engine project by selecting File > New > Application Project.
    Tip: If this is your first time launching the Vitis IDE, a Welcome screen opens. In this case, click on Create Application Project.

    The new project wizard opens with an introductory page that describes the flow used to create a new project. Select Next to open the Platform selection page as shown in the following figure.

    Select the xilinx_vck190_base_202020_1 platform and click Next.

  3. The Application Project Details page opens as shown in the following figure.

    Here you specify the Application project name. Under System project, you can select an existing system project to add your application project to (if one exists), or let the Vitis IDE create a new system project. When creating a new system project, the name is automatically generated based on the application project name you specified. However, you can enter a new name in the Project name field.

    Next you specify the Processor to associate with your new project. In this example an AI Engine graph project is being created. Select the ai_engine Processor, and click Next.

  4. The Domain page opens as shown in the following figure.

    On the Domain selection page you can specify a processor domain for your New Application Project. In this example, because the aiengine Processor is already specified, there is only one domain listed and it is preselected. Click Next to proceed.

  5. The Templates page opens, as described in Vitis Tools Template Examples.

    In this example you are creating a new custom project. Select Empty Application template (default), and click Finish to create the project. The new AI Engine graph project is created and the Vitis IDE opens the project in the design perspective.