Importing Source Files - 2020.2 English

Versal ACAP AI Engine Programming Environment User Guide (UG1076)

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2020.2 English
With the AI Engine graph project open in the IDE, you can import the required source files and configure your project.
  1. To import sources for your AI Engine project, select the project in the Explorer view. Expand the folders, select the src folder, and click the Import Sources command () to open the dialog box shown in the following figure.

    Important: The key to this dialog box is to ensure the Into folder field points to the src folder of your graph project, as shown for the aie_graph project.

    Use the Browse... command to navigate to the folder containing the source files for your AI Engine graph. Select the graph and header files required for your graph application, and click Finish.

  2. Import data files required for your graph application using a similar process. Instead of the src folder, import files into the data folder of your AI Engine graph project.
    Tip: Data files can include input source files to exercise your graph or golden output data files for use in comparing the results of simulation.
  3. After importing source and data files, you need to define the top-level of your graph. On the right side of the Project Editor window, click the Click to select Graph File link to open the File Selection dialog box as shown in the following figure. Navigate through the application project hierarchy, to the src folder and select the C/C++ code file containing your graph application.

The project is now ready to build.
Tip: The previous steps apply to both single kernel and multiple kernel programming. A pipeline view is available in the Vitis IDE to provide single kernel debug (see Pipeline View for Single Kernel Debug).