SDI Audio Status Extract - 2.0 English

UHD SDI Audio LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG309)

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2.0 English

This module checks for the presence of audio control packets on the incoming SDI stream. When a control packet is detected for a particular group, this module marks the group as active and decodes active channel, sample rate, and asx information into the status registers.

After all the control packets are received, an interrupt aud_stat_update is asserted to indicate that data in active group (0x40), active channel (0x60), sample rate (0x70) and asx (0x80) status registers are valid.

Several other interrupts are provided to indicate the change in active groups, active channels, sample rate and asx information from its previous value.
Note: The audio status update (aud_stat_update) interrupt is asserted once for each frame. If the control packets are not present in the complete frame, this interrupt is asserted with active_group (0x40) set to 0x0.