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Soft Error Mitigation Controller Product Guide (PG036)

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4.1 English

Although the SEM Controller can operate autonomously, most applications use the solution in conjunction with an application-level supervisory function. This supervisory function monitors the event reporting from the SEM Controller and determines if additional actions are necessary (for example, reconfigure the device or reset the application).

System designers are encouraged to carefully consider each design’s reliability requirements and system-level supervisory functions to make informed decisions.

Is an error mitigation solution even required? Is the solution built into the target device sufficient for the application requirements, or is the SEM Controller required? If the SEM Controller is required, what features should be used?

When the SEM Controller is the best choice for the application, AMD recommends that the SEM Controller is used as provided, including the system-level design example components for interfacing with external devices. However, these interfaces can be modified if required for the application.

RECOMMENDED: AMD recommends integrating the SEM IP core as early as possible, ideally at the start of the project. For more information, see Integration and Validation .