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Soft Error Mitigation Controller Product Guide (PG036)

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4.1 English

Although it is possible to remove the MON shim, AMD strongly discourages this customization. If removing the MON shim, AMD recommends preserving the two I/O pins used by the MON shim and making those accessible for probing at test points. Even though the MON shim might not be necessary in certain applications, it offers a critical debugging capability that is required when obtaining assistance from AMD technical support teams.

To eliminate the MON shim, disconnect and remove it, including any related signals and ports used to bring the RS-232 signals to I/O pins at the design top level. Then, address the exposed monitor interface on controllers:

Leave all controller monitor interface outputs “open” or “unconnected.”

Connect all monitor_txfull inputs to logic zero.

Connect all monitor_rxempty inputs to logic one.

Connect all monitor_rxdata[7:0] inputs to logic zero.

Elimination of the MON shim reduces the size of the solution and also prevents throttling of the controller due to status report transmission.