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Soft Error Mitigation Controller Product Guide (PG036)

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4.1 English

The system-level design example encapsulates the SEM Controller and various shims that serve to interface the controller to other devices. These shims can include I/O Pins, Vivado Design Suite debug feature interface, I/O Interfaces, Memory Controllers, or application-specific system management interfaces.

As delivered, the system-level design example is not a reference design, but an integral part of the total solution and fully verified by AMD. While designers do have the flexibility to modify the system-level design example, the recommended approach is to use it as delivered. However, if modifications are desired, this chapter provides additional detail required for success.

This chapter does not describe customization of the application that exists in the system-level design example. This portion of the system-level design example is for demonstration purposes only and not functionally involved in soft error mitigation. The only anticipated customization of the application is to remove it.