Constraints for SSI Devices - 4.1 English

Soft Error Mitigation Controller Product Guide (PG036)

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4.1 English

In the system-level design example, two to four controller instances are generated depending on the device. The controller instances are named to include an identification number ranging from 0 to 3. The controller instance numbering matches the hardware super logic region (SLR) numbering.

An area constraint is applied to each controller to keep controllers centrally located near their associated configuration logic primitives on each SLR. The configuration logic primitives also have placement constraints. This is very similar to the constraints for non-stacked silicon interconnect (SSI) devices as they are repeated on a per-SLR basis.

The shared blocks such as the HID Shim, MON Shim, and EXT Shim also have area constraints to locate them in the Master SLR, which is centrally located in the device and also contains the BSCAN primitives used by the HID Shim.