Viewing Compilation Results in the Vitis Analyzer - 2022.1 English

Versal ACAP AI Engine Programming Environment User Guide (UG1076)

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2022.1 English

After the compilation of the AI Engine graph, the AI Engine compiler writes a summary of compilation results called <graph-file-name>.aiecompile_summary to view in the Vitis Analyzer. The summary contains a collection of reports, and diagrams reflecting the state of the AI Engine application implemented in the compiled build. The summary is written to the working directory of the AI Engine compiler as specified by the --workdir option, which defaults to ./Work.

To open the AI Engine compiler summary, use the following command:

vitis_analyzer ./Work/graph.aiecompile_summary

The Vitis Analyzer opens displaying the Summary page of the report. The Report Navigator view lists the different reports that are available in the Summary. For a complete understanding of the Vitis Analyzer, see Using the Vitis Analyzer in the Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393).

The listed reports include:

This is the top-level of the report, and reports the details of the build, such as date, tool version, a link to the graph, and the command-line used to create the build.
Kernel Guidance
Shows a variety of messages to provide guidance on kernel optimization.
Provides a flow diagram of the AI Engine graph that shows the data flow through the various kernels. You can zoom into and pan the graph display as needed. At the bottom of the Reports view, a table summarizes the graph with information related to kernels, buffers, ports, and nets. Clicking on objects in the graph diagram highlights the selected object in the tables. (See Graph and Array Details).
Provides a graphical representation of the AI Engine processor array on the Versal device. The graph kernels and connections are placed within the context of the array. You can zoom into and select elements in the array diagram. Choosing objects in the array also highlights the object chosen in the tables at the bottom of the Reports view.
Note: The Graph and Array reports both share the same tables. When selecting an item in either of the views, it also selects it in both. For example, selecting a net in the Graph view, also selects it in the Array view.
Shows all constraints used within the graph and from .json constraint files.
Mapping Analysis
Displays the text report graph_mapping_analysis_report.txt. Reports the block mapping, port mapping, and memory bank mapping of the graph to the device resources.
DMA Analysis
Displays the text report DMA_report.txt, providing a summary of DMA accesses from the graph.
Lock Allocation
Displays the text report Lock_report.txt, listing DMA locks on port instances.
AI Engine Compilation
Shows the single kernel compilation log file.

The following figure shows the graph.aiecompile_summary report open in the Vitis Analyzer, with the Array diagram displayed, an AI Engine kernel selected in the diagram and the table views, and the source code for the kernel displayed in the Source Code view.

Figure 1. Vitis Analyzer Graph Summary