Flex Interface Transmit Operating Modes - 1.5 English

Versal Devices Integrated 100G Multirate Ethernet MAC Subsystem Product Guide (PG314)

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1.5 English

The following table lists the configuration options for the TX path (from Flex I/F to SerDes interface). The configuration is set in the ctl_tx_flexif_select_N field of the CONFIGURATION_TX_REG register of each port. All other values not listed in the table are reserved and invalid.

Table 1. Flex Interface Transmit Operating Modes
ctl_tx_flexif_select_N[2:0] Operating Mode Application Description
b000 Disable scrambler function and disable AM insertion function. 100GE/40GE OTN mapping point.
b001 Enable scrambler function and enable AMs insertion. FlexE PHY mode.
b011 Enable scrambler function, enable AM insertion, and enable PCS TX state machine. PCS mode with 66-bit BASER interface.
b111 Enable scrambler function, enable AM insertion, enable PCS TX state machine, and enable IEEE 802.3 CL49 to CL82 66-bit block conversion. The CL82 to CL49 66-bit block conversion is not included/verified in the current MRMAC. Client PCS interface to a FlexE system.
b010 FEC Only Mode FC32, FlexO, or direct FEC mode.
  1. In FEC Only mode, the FEC Mode register is used to select the application-specific FEC encoding/decoding.
  2. MRMAC Dynamic Switching between FEC-only mode and full MRMAC mode. In FEC-only mode, FEC registers are accessible, but not all of the MRMAC registers are fully accessible. When doing a dynamic switch from FEC-only to full mode, you should be careful to change the FEC mode first. Specifically, ctl_tx_fec_transcode_bypass should be set to 0 before making other non-FEC configuration changes. When doing a dynamic switch from full mode to FEC-only mode, ctl_tx_fec_trsancode_bypass should be set to ‘1’ last.