Versal ACAP

VCK190/VMK180 Board Evaluation and Management (BEAM) Tool User Guide (UG1573)

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Versal ACAP registers are accessible from the ACAP Cockpit console. TheRegister Reference tab displays a summary of all of the Versal ACAP registers. All of the register modules are displayed along with their base addresses and descriptions. By default, all modules are sorted by the base address. The register database is displayed in pages with 25 rows in each page, and the count is configurable with a selection at the bottom of the page.
Figure 1. Versal ACAP Register Summary

An option is provided to search for modules/registers using the Module Name or Base Address. All Versal ACAP registers can be downloaded by clicking the DOWNLOAD button. You can download the registers in either ZIP or TCL format. ZIP provides a zip file with a tcl for each module. TCL provides a consolidated tcl file for all of the modules.

Click the REFRESH ALL button to refresh all of the Versal ACAP registers. Registers from a specific module can be downloaded by clicking the respective download icon button as shown in the following figure. All register values under the selected module are refreshed and the page is re-directed to the register home page. For example, if CFU_CSR is refreshed by clicking the Refresh icon, then the page is redirected to the CFU_CSR register table page.
Figure 2. Refreshing Registers from a Specific Module
Figure 3. CFU_CSR Register Table

If the Live Value of a register is not same as its Reset Value, then the live value of that register is displayed in an amber color. Click on a module name to see the respective register list. If the register is permitted to write, you can write to it by providing the value in the input field under Update and then click the pen icon. Note that registers with an access type of ro or RO (read only) are not allowed to be updated.

To write the values into multiple registers simultaneously provide the value across each register and click the WRITE ALLbutton. To write a specific value into all registers, provide the value in the Write to all registers input field and click the edit icon beside the input field. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download table information (register information) in csv format.

Click the REFRESH button to read the live value for all registers. Click on a register to see the bit fields. Reserved bit-fields are highlighted in a gray color.