Versal Power Tool

VCK190/VMK180 Board Evaluation and Management (BEAM) Tool User Guide (UG1573)

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The Versal power tool is launched from the Home page. To launch, first click the Run Demos & Designs button, then click the Run button under Versal Power Tool on the Run Demos & Designs page (see Run Demos and Designs). Select Power_Advantage_Tool.ipynb. This opens a Jupyter Notebook Python version of the Versal power tool. To measure power, highlight the first code cell and click the Run button at the top of the page.
Figure 1. Measuring Power

The Versal power tool provides additional features. It can be used to benchmark power, prototype, or to continuously ensure that power meets the budget during development. The tool runs on the System Controller independently of whatever is running on the Versal device. This includes interfacing to the Versal device in ways that do not require any specific designs or resources from the device. This means that the Versal power tool can be mixed-and-matched with any Versal demo, TRD, or custom design.

The Versal power tool can be customized to your measurement requirements. To add your own version in Python, select Cell > Insert Cell, and insert your own Python version.

Figure 2. Customizing the Versal Power Tool

See Versal ACAP Power Tool part 4 - Developing with the Power Tool for advanced use cases with code snippets that can be copied and customized.

With the Versal power tool environment, there are no tools to install, no compile time, and additional Python libraries can be added as needed. In addition to the tool's availability on the System Controller Jupyter Notebook, it can also be run from command line Python3, and the tool has been ported to run from the Versal APU Linux.