System Monitor

VCK190/VMK180 Board Evaluation and Management (BEAM) Tool User Guide (UG1573)

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The system monitor enables you to view the values of PS/PMC and CPM clocks, resets, and related information.

Clock Table

The clock table displays selected PLL, divider, target frequency, and the actual frequency for PS/PMC and CPM modules in respective tabs. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the clock frequency details displayed in the table. The naming convention used for clocking registers are: <module_name>_<clocking_registers_name>. The Clock Enable field indicates whether the respective clock is enabled or disabled.
Figure 1. Clock Table

Clock Tree

The clock tree shows clock frequency values and displays all available PLL clock hierarchy. The default value used for the reference clock is 33.33 MHz. You can change clock frequencies by editing the Ref Clock. This automatically updates all respective clock frequencies shown in the GUI, but does not update any clock frequencies on the board itself. When you update reference clock frequencies on the board, you need to update the value in the ACAP Cockpit. You will be prompted for permission to do so. Click Ok to implement the change.
Figure 2. Clock Tree
Note: The change in clock value is specific to the tab. For example, if you change the reference clock in the PS, then only PS clock tree frequencies are calculated based on the new value.

Click the REFRESH button to read live clock frequencies for all available PLL (APLL, NPLL, PPLL, and RPLL).

Reset Table

The reset table indicates the live values from the board's CRL, CRF, and CRP module reset registers. If the live value matches the reset value, the live value is displayed in black, otherwise it is displayed in an amber color. Click the DOWNLOAD button to download the table's content.
Figure 3. Reset Table