VCK190/VMK180 Board Evaluation and Management (BEAM) Tool User Guide (UG1573)

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The ACAP Cockpit Console provides the ability to configure any Versal ACAP module register (see Versal ACAP Register Reference (AM012). It is a useful tool that monitors the health of the register's configuration, reduces time for debugging system configuration issues, and reports register details. In addition, you can dynamically modify the register configuration (if needed as required by register privileges). It also provides a user-friendly view to monitor clocking and reset configuration.

The ACAP Cockpit console is accessed from BEAM tool Run Demos & Designs screen by clicking the Run button located under the ACAP Cockpit widget. This redirects to the ACAP Cockpit console's home page. TheLearn More button leads to the ACAP Cockpit console's user guide.