Test the Board

VCK190/VMK180 Board Evaluation and Management (BEAM) Tool User Guide (UG1573)

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The Test the Board page provides a figure showing the VCK190 evaluation kit, its major components and connections (such as the microSD (Versal), microSD (SysCont), Ethernet, FMC, power switch, and boot module). Information such as device, silicon rev, board P/N, serial number, and MAC addresses is shown in the upper-right portion of the page

Figure 1. Test the Board Page
The Boot Mode section on the right displays the active boot mode and has an option to set the boot mode to a different mode. The Change drop-down menu displays the various boot modes available.
  • Select the required boot mode and click Set.
  • A loader is displayed when setting the boot mode.
  • On a successful set, a green tick mark is displayed next to the set button.
  • On a failure, a red-colored cross icon is displayed.
  • When the boot mode is set, the updated boot mode is displayed next to the Active jtag label.
  • The reset button applies power-on-reset.

The temperature of the board is displayed in degrees centigrade on the left side of the page. Below that are navigation options to Board Settings and Board Interface Test (BIT). The Visit Product Page button is located below the figure, when selected, the product page opens in a new browser tab.