ACAP Cockpit Scope

VCK190/VMK180 Board Evaluation and Management (BEAM) Tool User Guide (UG1573)

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The ACAP Cockpit is a consolidated Versal ACAP console graphical user interface (GUI) that provides:
  • Register configuration and control
  • Memory/register watcher
  • Clock/reset details
  • User dashboard
  • Do not press the browser back button as it is a single-page rendering application, Use the application back button to navigate to the previous page.
  • As this application does not provide a login/logout function, user details are stored in browser cache, clear the browser cache as necessary.
  • The 49995 port is used to host the ACAP Cockpit.
  • Invoking one or more XSDBs on the Versal ACAP and the System Controller might result in slowness, incorrect usage of the XSDB might result in an “Invalid Context“ error.
  • Running XSDB commands that take excessive time to execute from multiple masters might result in XSDB warnings.
  • Accessing a memory location which was not part of the design programming results in a "Context doesn't support" error. For example, if there is no CPM block available in the design, then accessing CPM registers/CPM clock details results in the "Context doesn't support" error and a power-on-reset is required.