GPIO Expander

VCK190/VMK180 Board Evaluation and Management (BEAM) Tool User Guide (UG1573)

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GPIO Expander provides options for Get GPIO Expander, Set GPIO Expander, and Restore IO Expander operations. For all of these operations, you can select all GPIO expanders simultaneously, or individually. During each operation, the following status is indicated:
  • A loader symbol is displayed under the Status column.
  • On success, a green tick appears.
  • On failure, a red color cross icon is displayed. Hover the mouse cursor on the red colored cross icon to see the error message.

Get GPIO Expander

Get GPIO Expander displays the GPIO expander names (includes IO expander, Input, and Output) and corresponding state.
Figure 1. Get GPIO Expander Page

Set GPIO Expander

Set GPIO Expander enables you to set the states.
Figure 2. Set GPIO Expander Page

Restore IO Expander

Restore IO Expander restores the GPIO and IO expanders to their default states.
Figure 3. Restore GPIO Expander Page