NoC Paths Shared between RP and Static - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Dynamic Function eXchange (UG909)

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2022.2 English

This is the most common use-case with a portion of the NoC in the RP, connected to static portions of the NoC. The NoC configuration details (NMUs, NSUs, and NPS) changes as needed to serve the needs of each RM, but the connections for the static part of the NoC remain fixed.

During reconfiguration, the dynamic part of the NoC is reprogrammed while the static part remains operational. NoC endpoints in the RP quiesce and NoC traffic among them stops during reprogramming. For NoC connections to and from static, the traffic from the RP stops, while the traffic to the RP receives a SLVERR for AXI4, drops for AXI-S.

Figure 1. Part of the NoC in the RP, With Connections to Static NoC
Figure 2. NMU in RP Communicating to NSU in Static Using NoC INI interface
Note: No PL- based decoupler is required for INI interface between Static and RP.